Project Management

The Construction Phase is the ultimate test for our designwork. After often months of planning, the building is about to be erected. However  extensive the planning, there are always problems to be solved during construction. We manage your project to ensure that it is delivered with the exact same specifications as planned, on time and within the budget.
While mostly done for our own projects, we can also manage projects designed by others if requested by the client. For this we will always make an assessment first of the drawings and other documents at hand. If needed we can provide services to adjust and/or complete the construction documents and/or drawings.

Our services consist of: financial , time- and quality management.

We have developed several workflow tools and regulations to securely manage your project. We have a dedicated project management staff with years of experience.

During the construction process we make all necessary detail drawings as requested by the contractor, within the scope of the work. If adjustments are required  by the client we provide advise, design and revised drawings and documents at predetermined fixed rates.  We also assist the Client in acquiring and installation of third party deliveries such as kitchens, specialty equipment etc. If interference with the work of the contractor is to be expected, we make sure all possible conflicting work is planned and  taken care of well ahead op problems during construction which could cost time and money.