Plan Development

From the very first moment the wish to construct a building is formed to the moment the project is finished and we hand over the keys, we are at your side as a competent architect and trustworthy advisor.
We provide very early insight in building costs and regulations, so clients can make the right decisions at a very early stage. We also have several useful contacts at financial organizations if funding for your project is needed.

Our services for the development phase include:

  1. Preliminary design; by using the latest 3d software we are able to visualize your project in a matter of days.
  2. Soil research; for small projects we can do shallow soil tests up to 3 meters. This gives our constructional engineer factual data at hand so the construction can be engineered appropriately. For bigger projects we can provide you with trustworthy partners to provide soil tests up to 30-40 meters deep.
  3. Final design: Based on the results of the Structural engineering we finalize the design, propose colors, lighting, materials etc, always updating and reporting the financial consequences of each decision
  4. Architectural drawings and bidding documents; using the 3d model as a basis for architectural engineering we ensure that the outcome is exactly as you want. All technical data is expertly and thoroughly engineered to provide you with solid information so contracting companies can construct your project without problems.
  5. Implementing other engineering: We understand that a building does not consist of mere construction, there is also to be taken into account all the electrical installations, plumbing, media wiring, telephone wiring , Air-conditioning , Alarm etc. Upon request we incorporate all these subparts into the main 3d model to ensure seamless integration of all disciplines and flawless construction.
  6. Permit applications: As Needed we can submit the necessary applications for the permits needed for your project. All the rules and regulations of both the Dutch Antilles and Suriname are well known by our personnel so there is no delay in your project.
  7. Cost Calculations; As the project develops from the first ideas to a well-engineered result, you are constantly updated on the cost of the project. Cost consequences are constantly updated with any change in the design.
  8. Workflow and cash flow planning: With these you have all the necessary tools to manage your project. We provide insight in the cash flow, as well as key points in the building process, so all financial resources for the job can be fully assessed and planned well ahead.
  9. Tender Procedure & Contracts : When all the documents are prepared and ready, we start up the tender procedure where we invite contractors to place a bid on the project. During their calculations we provide them with all necessary information and  guide them through the 3d model so they can have a visual guideline of the expected end product. When the bids are offered , we evaluate them and advise the Client as to which contractor is best equipped for the job and has the best offer to match. After is decided which contractor gets the job, we make up all the contracts and other relevant documents to start the Project.