Interactive Design

Sometimes you have an idea, but you don’t have the extensive budget or the intention to immediately execute a full scale project.
For situations like these we have come up with the idea of “interactive design”. Based on a hourly rate we provide you with  a skilled 3d modeler/designer and a cost-calculator to materialize your ideas and provide you with insights in the financial needs to realize your dreams. This provides a quick and cost-friendly insight into the possibilities of what might become a full scale project. Note that this is not a design service, we merely visualize the ideas you have into a 3d model of course accompanied by expert advice as to what is possible and feasible given certain conditions and constraints.

Where ever you are , as long as you have a steady internet connection we can work interactively through skype, so you can see your project materialize in front of your own eyes. Contact us for more information and a non-committal quote.