About Us

The Architectural firm Allan Brewster Architect, located in Paramaribo, Suriname and operating throughout the Caribbean, started its business in 2000. Owner and head architect, Allan Brewster achieved a Master of Science Degree in Architecture from the Technical University in Delft, Faculty of Architecture in the Netherlands and is specialized in Modern Tropical Architecture. A registered Dutch Architect he is also a pending Member of the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects.

In 2009 the company name was officially changed to www.architect.sr for marketing purposes.

With a small but dedicated staff the firm works on an array of projects in Suriname and the Dutch Antilles. Emphasizing very heavily on complete detailing of all designs before starting construction, all building parts are thoroughly modeled in 3D. The resulting 3D model not only gives clients a clear insight into the ideas, but also gives contractors and other parties a better understand of  their scope of work. Every part of the building process is being added into the 3D model to ensure a full and extensive integration and resulting in a much less stressful, faster and cheaper construction phase.

Our head staff regularly follow refreshment courses in the USA and the Netherlands. This fact, together with our longstanding business relationships with Architects, Engineering and Construction companies in the Netherlands and in the USA, ensures that we are always up to date with the latest developments in materials, design and construction procedures.

Spaciousness, use of natural light and natural ventilation are the key points of attention in the designs. We are constantly pushing the envelope of design and use of materials without losing sight of the economic and practical boundaries that governs the building process in a tropical environment. Our goal is to create a Modern Tropical Architecture that is in harmony with local climatologic and economic circumstances.